They talk about Pricenoia

Lately there have been several sites that have talked about Pricenoia, cool!

- Trendwatching : April06 trend report, Infolust.
- Consumerist
- Fourio Web2.0 Innovation Map
- We got an "honorable mention" at SEOmoz Web2.0 Awards, in the Retail category.
- Lifehacker

And many others.. thank you again! We will try to return the interest with new features.. stay tunned..


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Anonymous said...

Since PriceNoia doesn't currently factor it into it's calculations, remember to add the "Currency Conversion Fee" charged by virtually all credit card companies. Varying between 1%-3%(with varying minimums), it is calculated after the total purchase amount has been converted into US dollars.

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Anonymous said...

What's going on with pricenoia? Server is down today april 05- 2007 from at least 13:00 (CET).

Anonymous said...

Pricenoia is dead :-(