New pricenoia blog and twitter

We have a new place to post Pricenoia updates, please go to:

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New pricenoia Version, New countries available

Here we are, again! We are working on a new version that is currently live at http://www.pricenoia.com! It's a beta, so there are several options that are not fully working yet.

We have included in the price comparison two new amazon stores that are available now, Italy and Spain!

Those new countries have no API but as we did in the past we are getting the info anyway, so you now can see prices from US, CA, UK, FR, DE, JP, ES and IT, including the updated currency conversion and prices including shipping, for new, used and third parties.

We have many ideas, so stay tunned. If you have any comment or ideas, please use our contact form.


Pricenoia is back!

Pricenoia is up! Enjoy it! Amazon EC2 powered.


Server down, again

Looks like Infinology, own current (for little time) hosting provider for Pricenoia is dead... not the server, but the COMPANY!! Amazing..

Well, until we solve the issue and migrate to a new server (probably on Amazon EC2) please be patient. Once in the new server, there won't be more issues of this kind.

As an extra, we'd like to announce that we are planning a new upgraded version of Pricenoia, developed on RoR. We'll keep informing from this blog!

Thank you for your support!


Server problems

We've had some problems with the server in the last days, and solving them is taking longer than expected. Sadly, Pricenoia is down in the meanwhile, but not dead!! :)


They talk about Pricenoia

Lately there have been several sites that have talked about Pricenoia, cool!

- Trendwatching : April06 trend report, Infolust.
- Consumerist
- Fourio Web2.0 Innovation Map
- We got an "honorable mention" at SEOmoz Web2.0 Awards, in the Retail category.
- Lifehacker

And many others.. thank you again! We will try to return the interest with new features.. stay tunned..


New feature: Other formats and editions

A new little feature is available at Pricenoia when comparing books, expanding the info offered by Amazon itself.

Until now, when looking at a book, Pricenoia listed similar products, using Amazon recommendations. We've now added a list of up to 10 other formats and editions of the compared book. You can find older printings, paperback editions of a hardcover book, editions in other languages, audiobooks, and some other interesting things.

Some of the books are available new at Amazon, and some of them are old editions that can only be bought used or from third parties (always at Amazon, of course).

For example: One hundred years of solitude, from Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez.

This new feature uses the xISBN webservice offered by Worldcat. Great stuff!