Graphical evolution of price history

This is not a today's new, but it's less than a week old so we think it's noteworthy.

We added a graph that shows the evolution of prices for the product you are checking. As we keep track of each time a product is compared (during the last 3 months), we know the original price it had. The graph is made using the original price at the moment it was compared, uniformised to € or $ at the current exchange rates.

Let's check for example Free Prize Inside!, the last book from marketing guru Seth Godin :

Free Prize Inside! Cover Free Prize Inside! Price history

Sometimes it's curious, sometimes its damn interesting.. You can see and track special promotions, offers, discounts..

We've put the graphs, it's up to you to use them in a cool way now..


Welcome to pricenoia's official blog!

Hi everybody... first post to this little blog :) The one and only Pricenoia official blog! yeah!

We pretend this blog to be a communication channel with our users.. an easy and fast one, for sure. You will mainly find alerts on new features and site upgrades.. We have many ideas bouncing in our heads rightnow, and you could be the first to know them : just use some syndication (you won't see 10 posts a day -no blogspam-, keep assured).

We will also use it to get some feedback about what you'll like to see in the future or what you think about our current features.. Anyway, you can do it whenever you want using the Pricenoia's contact form.

Keep tuned!