Pricenoia turns one year old

Many people ask us for how long Pricenoia has been around. Well, as of today, for one full year!

In one year we've been discovered by lots of smart Amazon customers that use Pricenoia on a regular basis. We would like to thank them for sharing the word with friends, post on their blogs or link to Pricenoia when refering to a book online. But don't stop, we need your help spreading the word! :)

Lots of ideas are on the way of being new features, we hope you'll like them as much as we do!


Pricenoia featured in AWS Blog

AWS Blog is the official Amazon Webservices Blog. Yesterday Pricenoia was featured on the site, relating the new updates presented some days ago.

We are happy to see that not only consumers but developers and the Amazon webservices team find Pricenoia interesting and worth mentioning! We will continue to work on new features to improve the site and the buying experience at Amazon.


Pricenoia Reloaded!

Lots of new updates to Pricenoia! Here's the list :

  • We've been betatesters for Amazon Fr and Ca webservices and are now using them. From the user point of view, you can search at Amazon France and Canada, so you have more search options! They are also used in some of the new features.

  • Added Used and Third party prices for each international amazon store! You can easily check them using specific tabs [new, third and used] or merge all the prices at every amazon site that has the product [all].

  • Search at all amazon sites at once : A new option in the store selection pulldown. The result is a combination of searches at every store, aggregating the same product when it's available at more than one. This option is useful if you enter a very specific search string, such as title or author name.

  • Added several product lines to the currently available for search : Electronics, computer software and camera&photo. If you are interested in comparing any other Amazon product, you can try using the Pricenoia Bookmarklet.

  • More currencies supported. Now if you're from one of the following countries you'll see the price of the product, shipment and total, in your local currency, daily updated : Canada, Japan, UK, Brazil, Australia, China, India, Korea, Mexico, and some others..

  • Sort by product price or site: By default rows are sorted by Total. You can now sort them by site, product price or even shipment cost. Just press the column title.

  • Remember preferences : Pricenoia will remember the last tab you selected. If you like the 'all' list, then you will always see this tab by default when checking for a product. The shipping country will also become the default one, and you will see the local currency even when performing a search.

  • Updated shipping rates: We've updated shipping rates for new products, and included 'Free Super Saver Shipping' to countries where it's available from a specific Amazon store. Todo: Update shipping rates for used and third party (the current ones are the same as New, and may be different) and update shipping rates for electornic and other products that may have specific shipment restrictions.

There are also some minor bug fixes and little features that we are sure you will discover..